Our Services

E3TECH Engineering Services Pte Ltd provides a high quality and prompt repair service for diverse type of electronics circuit boards / PCBs used in wide range of systems and operations.. As a premium repair center, we are well-equipped with essential diagnostic testers and advanced equipments to expedite fault diagnosis and repair works. Our dedicated engineers, with their meticulous approach and technical expertise, facilitate a high success rate for all repairs.

Why Choose Us

Our Company was established in year 2004, with more than 13 years of engineering and repair experience. We believed in diagnosing the actual defective component / root cause of a defective unit, rather than changing all the "Suspected" defective component and hoping the unit will work. That's why our defect diagnosis involve a lot of steps from measuring, self power up, component signature matching to replacement and testing. Be assure that we will try our best to revive your failing cards. Warranty between 6 - 9 months will also be provided for cards repaired by us. 

With our achievements in ISO 9001, 14001 & 18001 certifications, We are committed in providing quality repair service and prompt delivery of orders.

Our Customers include

  • ST Electronics
  • PSA
  • ST Marine
  • Alstom
  • SBS Transit
  • Raytheon